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GSE Contract Engineering

GSE Ltd can offer you design engineers for multi million pound projects over several weeks or, for the smaller projects provide services for a few days.  For the even smaller projects just a few hours may be required.  

We also offer our experienced engineers to other practices such as Architects, Mechanical Engineering Firms or even other Structural Engineers.  This is usually done on a project by project basis for as long as necessary.  Our engineers can be dedicated to you full time or simply offer a few hours a week when required.

Our engineers are adaptable, versatile and most important friendly and excellent communicators.  If you have a project in mind or requirement for a structural engineer on an Ad Hoc basis, please telephone us for an informal discussion.

Structural Calculations

GSE Ltd. are able to provide structural engineering services for multi million pound projects we are however, equally able on smaller projects.

Our designers can do everything from giving you verbal advice and confirming it in a letter or designing a steel beam  through to full engineering of new homes/substantial extensions.

Some of the common areas where we can help home owners are:

Removal of walls and extensions

If you are removing a wall you should have a structural engineer look at the wall before you remove it.  If it is a load-bearing wall you will require Building Regulation Approval.   We can provide you with our services and we are a telephone call away.  Please ring, we'd love to hear from you.

If you need an extension, we can help.  We can provide the engineering design calculations together with  drawings and if you haven't already got planning approval, we can help you there too.  Please ring, we'd love to hear from you. 

Partial removal of chimney breasts 

When you take out a chimney breast you normally need Local Authority Building Control Department approval.  we will need to visit your property and then provide calculations for you.  Normally the builder can use these calculations as part of their submission to Building Control (under a Building Notice application) or we can help you with obtaining approval.  Please ring, we'd love to hear from you.

Renovations and Conversions

Renovations and conversions are never straightforward.  If you come across a problem, please give us a ring, we'd love to hear from you.

Structural Engineering

GSE Ltd can deal with any structural engineering challenge, ranging in size from large multi-million pound commercial projects to small domestic homes.   Our clients range from Local Authorities, large and small businesses to a single home owners.

Experienced and open to a challenge

You will benefit from our experience and enthusiasm in producing structural design solutions.  We can, of course, design using  the traditional construction techniques as well as emerging modern advancements. We are structural engineers and can design all things structural.  This may be using traditional steel, concrete, timber, aluminium and masonry or the unusual less common materials such as structural glass, new plastic products...bring us a challenge and we'll rise to it.  

Use our experience and let us to recommend to you the best structural design solution for your specific situation.

Traditional skills supported by the latest technology 

Computer structural engineering software enables GSE Ltd. to carry out complicated analysis and design of all types of structures. 

Our CAD technicians are expert in the use of AutoDesk CAD.    Our engineers computer software and our CAD technicians software are linked making our structural engineering very efficient saving our clients time and money.   

Our Engineers and CAD technicians work together when using specialist  ground modelling software so you can take advantage of 3D ground modelling to optimise your sites potential or produce earthwork quantities for Quantity Surveyors.

No job is too big...Or too small

Whatever size of your project, GSE Ltd. have the right team for your project.  Please ring, we'd love to hear from you. 

Structural Inspections

A Structural Report is often called an 'Engineers Report', 'Structural Engineers Report', ‘Structural Appraisal’ or even a 'Structural Survey'.  It is important not to confuse a Chartered Structural Engineer’s report with a Chartered Surveyor’s report which is sometimes also referred to, misleadingly, as a ‘Structural Survey’. If you are not sure what report you need then give us a call and we will explain it to you. 

With domestic surveys a Chartered Surveyor may do either a Valuation Report or a Homebuyer’s Report and this is normally carried out first.  If it identifies problems such as cracking or distortion they normally refer this on to a specialist Chartered Structural Engineer. Our Engineers will then do a more detailed technical report, identifying the structural issues and often the remedial action required.

GSE have an extensive knowledge of structural inspections and appraisals for both residential and commercial properties. 

Residential reports are tailored to satisfy all the criteria set out by mortgage companies and other lenders. Commercial appraisals can be undertaken as part of the 'due diligence' process of acquisition of property portfolios.  They can also include advice on future conversions or proposed uses.

Surveying structures for damage of defects

Inspection of any dangerous structures, or properties which have been damaged by fires or vehicle impact normally demands a quick response and recommendations for urgent remedial work. We can provide this service including out of hours response in special circumstances. 

We regularly undertake inspections and investigation of existing buildings or structures, to appraise and report on the structural condition and any defects.  When carrying out the inspection and writing the report we try, where possible, not to leave any questions unanswered. If a problem with subsidence is found you can take advantage of our considerable experience in both dealing with the problem and helping people to understand the issues.

Residential Surveys

When an inspection is required as part of a house sale or purchase we will offer you a fast service and can often help the sale/purchase proceed by explaining any problems in simple terms and outlining the issues and options.  These reports can be issued electronically so you can easily pass them on to insurers or other third parties.  It is often helpful to be able to talk to both the vendor and purchaser to explain any problems and provide reassurance to help matters proceed.

Fixed Price Surveys

Our structural reports for the domestic market are generally carried out as Fixed Price Surveys.  Please call for details.  The price covers properties with up to 4 bedrooms, built using traditional materials and usually no more 100 years old. If your property is different to this please contact us on 01582 626255 .  In many cases, even if your property is outside the normal criteria we are able to keep to the fixed price.

Commercial Properties

Commercial and industrial buildings are rarely straightforward so you should phone us and speak to an engineer. Depending on the situation the reports can include desk-top studies, historic mapping, previous site uses, potential issues from flood, subsidence, or mining activities and assessment of ground conditions. 

On existing buildings and structures we can advise you on load capacities, repairs and reinstatement, changes of use, and structural changes.  Sometimes this is a two-stage operation starting with an initial inspection. This usually highlights areas that need further investigation, often following some “opening up”…  i.e. looking within the actual fabric of the building.  

We also carry out inspections to consider the implications of any proposed change of use which may affect the structure.